Battery Ni-Cd

Battery Ni-Cd

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Ắc quy Ni-Cd


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 Nickel cadmium battery has been supplied stable and reliable battery solution for many industrial power applications. Our block batteries function in a wide range of temperatures, resist electrical abuse, shock and vibrations and need only basic maintenance. This ensures a low total cost of ownership (TCO) over a life cycle that can last 20 years or more.

Operate in temperatures from - 50°C to + 70°C

Trouble-free long service life of 20 years or more

Capacity at C5 A rate:10~1200Ah


The ideal energy storage power and start-up power solution for industrial applications

Proven Germany manufacturing technology;

High reliability and capacity;

Trouble-free long service life of 20 years or more;

Excellent resistance performance of electrical abuse;




Telecommunication, power plant, substation back-up power, railway lighting power and other emergency back-up power supplies.

Features & benefits:

  • Excellent high rate discharge performance

  • Wide operating temperature range

  • Resistance to mechanical and electrical abuse

  • Low internal resistance

  • Absolute reliability

  • 25 years design life

  • With the low discharge rate at 0.5ItA;

  • The discharge time for 3h to 100h;

  • Designed for applications where the battery is required to provide:
    - a reliable source of energy over relatively long discharge periods
    - a current that is relatively low in comparison with the total stored energy
    - discharges are generally infrequent

  • Technical:


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