Automatic switch cabinet ATS-4P-800A

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Mr Kiên - 097 481 5509 (ZALO) Tủ chuyển nguồn tự động ATS-4P-800A (ATS-4P-800A) + CQ, hóa đơn VAT. + Luôn tồn kho số lượng lớn. + Hỗ trợ dự án và đại lý Nhà sản xuất: OSUNG- KOREA

Cabinet ATS-4P-800A OSUNG- KOREA is an indispensable product when using generators. Cabinet ATS-4P-800A OSUNG- KOREA have function automatically switch main power and backup power. When the main power supply crash then Cabinet ATS-4P-800A OSUNG- KOREA will automatically switch to backup power (generator,…) to provide power for normal operation load, when the main power is restored Automatic switch cabinet ATS-4P-800A will switch back.

Advantages of Cabinet ATS-4P-800A OSUNG- KOREA:

  • Fully automatic operation, users do not need to intervene.
  • Capable of switching large current, switching devices capable of stamping arc.
  • There is overload protection, short circuit.
  • Installation in insulated cabinets ensures safety for operators.
  • There is a signal when there is back-up power for convenient monitoring and operation.
  • Ability to automatically start and turn off the generator (Machine with a capacity greater than 15KVA).


Contact help Automatic switch cabinet ATS-4P-800A:

Truong Phat mechanical equipment company limited

Company address: 23 Lane 8, Van Phu urban area, Ha Dong, Ha Noi

Mr Kien:  0974815509    -   0917614668


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